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Industrial Automation

We at Admantec are experts in generative manufacturing processes. As an innovative company, we offer you technology consulting, product development and production of additively manufactured components for demanding industrial applications. In doing so, we cover the entire process chain from the product idea to quality and cost-consistent serial production of installed components and groups. Metallic and ceramic materials, as well as state-of-the-art production processes, are our focus.


We offer:

Advice on the choice and application of processes; support or take over development using technology-compatible component design; manufacture components on the most modern machines and ensure the mechanical, thermal or chemical finishing up to the ready to install component or assembly.


We are looking for:

  • Manufacturing companies who want to benefit from the advantages of additive production and want to work with us
  • Engineering service provider for the joint processing of customer projects



Martin Graf
Kesselbachstrasse 38
9450 Altstätten
Phone 0041 71 599 599 0


Visit us at www.admantec.com.

We have been moving Switzerland for sixty years. And we are always on the move ourselves: as a market leader in drive technology, we combine high product and service quality with technical and personal competence. Our long-term employees are well-trained and continue to develop. As a result, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in all branches of drive technology.


We offer:

Products and services as well as consulting/engineering services in the field of drive technology, especially mechatronic drive systems.


We are looking for:

Customer applications from all industrial sectors in which mechanical gearboxes with electronic frequency converter technology offer the best solution.

Mechanical engineers or end users who would like to examine the energy saving potential for existing machines or systems and who want to implement drive technology with modern energy saving solutions.

Plant operators and maintenance managers who want to operate their plants and machines more efficiently and productively.



  Markus Maurer
Head of Sales
Sales & Technology
Jurastrasse 10
4142 Münchenstein
Phone 0041 61 417 17 45

Visit us at www.imhof-sew.ch.

ANTRIMON Group AG is the partner for all services in the field of mechatronics. From standard drive components, laboratory services, developments and validation in the area of contact physics, plastics technology, industrial design, HMI's through electronics hardware and software development, mechanical design to EMS services and assembly manufacturing - you can get everything from one source - under one roof!

ANTRIMON Group AG combines the specialized companies: ANTRIMON Motion AG (drive technology), ANTRIMON Production AG (EMS & Assembling) and ANTRIMON Engineering AG (mechatronic product development). These unique synergies provide a unique access to high-quality and long-term know-how in mechatronics.

That means:

  • Only one contact for all products and services of the entire group
  • Short communication paths and maximum flexibility




Salvatore Coroniti
Head of Sales
Gotthardstrasse 3
CH-5630 Muri AG
Phone +41 (0)56 675 79 63
Markus Arnold
Gotthardstrasse 3
CH-5630 Muri AG
Phone: +41 (0)56 675 10 10


Jürgen Noack
Head of Sales
ANTRIMON Engineering AG
Industrieplatz 1c
CH-8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Phone +41 (0)52 674 82 98

Visit us at www.antrimon.com.

Burckhardt Compression is the global market leader in piston compressor systems. As the only manufacturer and service provider, the company offers a complete range of piston compressor technologies and services. The customer-specific compressor systems are used in the fields of oil and gas production, gas transport and storage, refinery, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in industrial gas applications.

With leading-edge technology, high-quality components and a comprehensive range of services, Burckhardt Compression supports its customers worldwide in order to minimize the life cycle costs of their piston compressor systems.

Since 1844, our highly-qualified employees have been providing top solutions to set the benchmark in gas compression.


We offer:

Manufacture of piston compressor systems

Full range of service for the complete range of piston compressors

Compressor systems for oil and gas production, gas transport and storage, refinery, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as industrial gas applications


We are looking for:

Projects for piston compressors




Rainer Duebi
Vice President Design and Manufacturing
Design and Manufacturing Systems Division
Im Link 5
8404 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 262 73 36


Luzi Valaer
Manager Research and Development
Design and Manufacturing Systems Division
Im Link 5
8404 Winterthur
Phone +41 52 262 57 68

 Visit us at www.burckhardtcompression.com.

We are a young engineering company headquartered in the Zurich region. We are active in the fields of medical technology, equipment and apparatus engineering, vehicle construction as well as general mechanical engineering.


We offer:

As an engineering service provider, we bridge short-term resource bottlenecks or assume project responsibility for entire projects. We offer comprehensive engineering support for our partners for the successful implementation of innovative and forward-looking solutions.


We are looking for:

Collaboration in development projects.We want to be the preferred partner for the successful handling of innovative and forward-looking solutions for our customers.



Eckart Ohmann
Halsgasse 24
CH-8640 Rapperswil
Phone 0041 55 536 41 01

Visit us at www.engineering-partners.ch.

Manufacturer of DC / BLDC, stepper and linear motors in the range of 1.9 - 44mm and a continuous power of 0.1 - 250W.

We also offer accessories such as gearboxes, encoders, brakes, spindles as well as controls and complete drive axles.


We offer:

  • DC motors
  • BLDC motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Linear motors
  • Piezo Motors
  • Planetary gear
  • Spur gear (also reduced in play)
  • Encoder
  • Brakes
  • Spindles
  • Speed controller
  • Position controller
  • Software adaptations
  • Support in the design phase


We are looking for:

  • Expanded network of contacts
  • Increased awareness of our company
  • Strengthen contacts in mechatronics
  • Possible applications and customers
  • Better cooperation with higher education institutions, etc.



  Rolf Leitner
Head of Sales
Via Cantonale
6980 Croglio /TI    
Phone 0041 44/799 17 71

Ylenia Megna
Sales Administration CH
Via Cantonale
6980 Croglio
Phone 0041 91 / 611 31 66

Visit us at www.faulhaber.com.

ISLIKER MAGNETE is the leading Swiss family-owned solenoid manufacturer for innovative electromagnetic actuators to fulfil the specific requirements and needs of our customers in a variety of different industries.

Speed is a success factor, which we actively implement in the development, prototyping and series production. Our lean structures guarantee fast, non-bureaucratic decisions, short lead times and highly flexible production.


We offer:

Consulting and project management available from our technical sales team.
The development of customer-specific products and innovative technical solutions.
Our own production facility which provides high flexibility and delivery reliability.

We are looking for:

Demanding projects and new products in the field of solenoid technology



Im Bilg 7
8450 Andelfingen
Phone +41 52 305 25 25

Visit us at www.islikermagnete.ch.

maxon motor develops and produces precise electric motors, gearboxes, encoders, controllers and complete mechatronic systems. The company specializes in customer-specific drive systems and is represented in medical technology, industrial automation, robotics, aerospace and other markets.


We offer:

  • Small motors:

    • DC motors (ironless winding)
    • BLDC motors (ironless and iron-coated, internal rotor and external rotor)

  • encoder
  • transmission
  • spindle drives
  • Ceramic components of zirconia and alumina
  • controls
  • subsystems
  • Bike drives



Max Erick Busse-Grawitz
Head of Technology Transfer
Brünigstrasse 220
CH-6072 Sachseln
Phone: +41 41 666 19 45

Visit us at www.maxonmotor.ch.

MEquadrat AG is a mechatronics service provider, which offers highly specialized solutions especially for the laboratory, medical and industrial sectors. Interdisciplinary thinking is a fundamental component of the company's product development. Creative ideas in the implementation, efficient development and tailor-made support describes our approach to customers.


We offer:

  • Development and production of complete test systems. From concept until final approval
  • Mechanical development and production of mechanical assemblies
  • Electronics development, development of embedded systems and production of electronic assemblies 
  • Application and device software as well as plant controls


We are looking for:

  • Challenging projects in the field of holistic mechatronics
  • Partnerships for innovative developments and products



Stefan Nyffenegger
General Manager
Platz 4
6039 Root D4
Phone 0041 41 541 99 12

Visit us at www.mequadrat.ch.


Since its inception in 1989, MICHEL ITC has been developing and producing innovative solutions for the operation, labelling and branding of machines and products.


We offer:

  • Consulting, engineering and project support for tailor-made input systems and HMI solutions
  • Solutions for labelling and branding of products and machines
  • Long-standing know-how, state-of-the-art technology and production processes
  • Worldwide network of production partners
  • Consulting teams in Switzerland and Germany
  • Own sourcing hub in Shanghai


We are looking for:

  • Contacts, orders and projects in the field of HMI
  • Exchange and transfer of knowledge



  Rolf Michel
Gotthardstrasse 3
5630 Muri
Phone 0041 56 675 30 02

 Visit us at www.michelitc.ch.

Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG is part of the worldwide Phoenix Mecano AG Group. At our site in Stein am Rhein we have around 125 employees who develop, produce, sell and process solutions and components for industrial uses. Alongside our wide range of casings, our product range also consists of membrane keyboards, front foil and arm support systems. We are highly flexible when it comes to casings. Customers can customise the colour, fittings or mechanical processing and we will create it within just a few days. We can do this for as little as a single unit. Alongside this we provide profile mounting systems made from aluminium and mechanical components such as electric cylinders, lifting columns, linear units and even coin validators to support your automation applications. We also provide actuators for use in the care, home and office furnishings industry. Electronic components such as terminals, coding switches, spring contacts, reactors and inductors or backplanes are also available.

As you can see, we are very versatile and able to fulfil a range of differing needs. Let us work with you to find the optimal solution for your needs. In doing so you will benefit from our employees"™ solid backgrounds and many years of experience.



Marco Brandenberger
Head of Sales
Hofwisenstrasse 6
8260 Stein am Rhein
Phone +41 52 742 75 68

Visit us at www.phoenix-mecano.ch.

Additive plastic production using laser sintering technology, consulting for any additive manufacturing technologies


We offer:

Parts made of polyamide

Consulting and parts procurement for additively manufactured plastic and metal parts


We are looking for:

New customers



Alain Stebler
Geschäftsführer und Inhaber
Glattalstrasse 501
CH-8153 Rümlang ZH
Phone +41 44 818 00 88

Visit us at www.rapidmanufacturing.ch.


Hauptwilerstrasse 17
9205 Waldkirch
Phone: +41 71 433 28 20

Visit us at www.rewag.ch.


Industriestrasse 20
CH-5000 Aarau

Visit us at www.rockwellautomation.com/che.

Implement today the automation requirements of tomorrow

Founded in 1988, SIGMATEK today ranks among the internationally successful manufacturers of automation system solutions, which are used in the most diverse sectors of machine and plant construction.

There are many suppliers of automation technology. So why should you choose SIGMATEK?

The difference lies in the overall package and our engineering know-how. If you are a manufacturer of production machines and are looking for a complete solution, then we are the people to deal with. We have a comprehensive product portfolio to take care of all automation tasks in an integrated solution. And in the case of special requirements for which there is no suitable technology available, we are ready to develop special products or solutions for our customers.



  Beat Meili
Schmittestrasse 9
8308 Illnau
Phone +41 52 354 50 50
  Alina Turra
Inner Sales
Schmittestrasse 9
8308 Illnau-Effretikon
Phone +41 52 354 50 50

Visit us on http://www.sigmatek-automation.com/en/

Zurich Engineering is the holistic solution provider for plastic product development and special plant construction.


We offer:

We accompany and advise you from the initial idea to the serial production of your products. We optimize your existing products to achieve a lower cost. We procure parts and assemblies worldwide and take care of the quality, transport and security of supply. We support you with local staff in your most urgent projects.


We are looking for:

Customers for long-term partnership. We take over your new developments while you focus on your daily business. We make your product range fit for global competition.




Marc Lenzi
Partner / Plant Construction
Development, Sales
Flüelastrasse 27
8047 Zürich
Phone 0041 44 401 11 44

Visit us at www.zuerich-engineering.ch

Pragma Engineering - your partner for highly precise development

Pragma Engineering is an engineering company in the field of mechanical engineering with the following core competences:

  • Holistic product development
  • Lighting technology
  • Cost reduction through ReDesign
  • Plastic design
  • Plastic optical elements

We support you with your development projects from the idea through the feasibility analysis until the final product. Our goal is to perfectly adapt our customers' products to the requirements of the market.We rely on our long lasting experience and innovative ideas to guarantee market-driven products. Creative and innovative work means for us to deliver an optimal solution in the framework set by the client and the market. We offer: Engineering Services conception construction Engineering / calculations prototype Strength and safety testing Complementary services design procurement project management consultation Personalverleih We are looking for: Development contracts in the area of ??core competences: Plastic parts developments luminaire developments Cost reduction projects Orders for prototype construction Contracts for design and drafting procurement contracts


ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robot software, equipment and complete application solutions. We’re at home in 53 countries and have installed more than 400,000 robots, supported by the broadest service network and offering in the industry.


We offer:

ABB Robotics is not only the leading supplier of industrial robots and modular production cells. ABB Robotics also sets new standards when it comes to service. Thanks to this focus on total solutions, productivity, product quality and work safety can be decisively improved.

ABB Robotics supports customers in planning, evaluation and installation. Above all, after-installation support and the high quality of service are key reasons why so many companies trust ABB Robotics.


We are looking for:

Industrial partners for innovative solutions.




Benoît Gerber
Product Manager
Brown Boveri Platz 3
5400 Baden
Phone +41 58 58 60 502


Andreas Arnold
Marketing and Communikation
Brown Boveri Platz 3
5400 Baden
Phone +41 58 58 60 535

Visit us at www.abb.com/robotics.

F & P Robotics AG develops and produces innovative personal robots that work with people in a personal way.

Thanks to the ability to learn and handle situations in context, the robots can be easily used for different tasks. This allows them to meet the requirements of a constantly changing application environment.


We offer:

The P-Rob® robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom includes distributed intelligence, based on local controllers (modular, per joint) and sensors. The appearance, with soft outer cover, is adaptable according to the application and customer needs.

The versatile gripper system P-Grip® allows the integration of additional sensors on the gripper ring as well as a camera in order to increase awareness and ensure a secure grip.

The software package myP® enables the control of P-Rob, P-Grip as well as extended communication (eg I / O's, Webservices, ROS). It is a web application that runs on laptops, tablets and smartphones. No programming knowledge is required; the user can select the functions of the robot in a user-friendly, intuitive way.



Dr. Hansruedi Früh
Rohrstrasse 36
8152 Glattbrugg
Phone +41 44 515 95 20

Visit us at www.fp-robotics.com.

KUKA CEE GmbH, Steyregg, Subsidiary Buchs

KUKA is an internationally active automation group and one of the world's leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions. KUKA offers customers everything from a single source: from components and cells to fully automated systems in the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, metals, logistics/e-commerce, healthcare and service robotics industries. With its large and unique range of industrial robots, KUKA covers almost all payload ranges and robot types. Suitable controllers and software packages for a wide range of applications round off the KUKA product portfolio.


We offer:

KUKA Switzerland concentrates exclusively on the Swiss market, whose core business comprises machine automation and consumer goods. The branch in Buchs (AG) maintains its own spare parts warehouse, a state-of-the-art and accredited KUKA College and a dense network of system integrators which guarantees industry know-how and customer proximity for all areas of Swiss industry. Wherever performance, precision and reliability are required, KUKA robots and a strong team are at your side.



Thomas Riedweg
Sales Manager
Heinrich Wehrli-Strasse 27
5033 Buchs (AG)
Phone +41 62 837 43 20
Jürg Messer
Customer Service Manager
Heinrich Wehrli-Strasse 27
5033 Buchs (AG)
Tel.: +41 62 837 43 20

 Visit us at www.kuka.com


Spann- und Greiftechnik
Im Ifang 12
8307 Effretikon

Visit us at ch.schunk.com

Image Recognition & Navigation


Amberg Technologies AG
Trockenloostrasse 21
8105 Regensdorf-Watt
Phone +41 44 870 92 22

Visit us at www.ambergtechnologies.ch.

Transport & Traffic


Mark Lauterburg
Division Manager Engineering
Ernst-Stadler-Strasse 1
CH-9565 BussnangSchweiz
Phone +41 71 626 21 20

Visit us at http://stadlerrail.com.


CADFEM offers a single source for everything that is needed for the creation of a successful simulation: software, IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and know-how transfer.



CADFEM offers the CAE software ANSYS, the world market leader in the field of FEM and CFD simulations. We provide consultation for our customers to fully exploit the advantages of simulation, we advise and support our users with comprehensive services.



We advise and support our customers with comprehensive services to enable them to fully exploit the benefits of simulation.



We provide our customers with in-depth training and education, encourage the exchange of experience among simulation experts and maintain a dialogue with business and research.


CADFEM is a family company,in the market since 1985. CADFEM is a pioneer of simulation based on FEM and CFD, with over 2,300 customers in Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. Our team consists of nearly 200 employees and over 120 ANSYS specialists. In Switzerland, CADFEM is by far the largest supplier of CAE services and CAE products.



Markus Dutly
General Manager
Wittenwilerstrasse 25
8355 Aadorf
Phone 0041 52 368 01 01

Visit us at www.cadfem-us.com.

CONTACT Software: Energizing the Digital Engineering World

CONTACT is a vendor of open standard software for the innovation process and the digital transformation. Our solutions support the product lifecycle from cradle to grave. We combine data management for virtual products with the functions required for collaboration and for process and project management in product development. We also link the digital twin of real products with the virtual product and offer an extensive library for industrial IoT services. Our solutions allow our customers to accelerate their processes and projects, reduce outlay for routine work, reduce errors, improve their results and comply with regulatory requirements. Our open solutions are particularly cost efficient as they can be easily adapted to meet new requirements.


We offer:

A comprehensive range of products and services. Outstanding solution expertise. Unique technology.
Organizing work efficiently – that is what our portfolio of outstanding, well-maintained software solutions is all about. Numerous references from market leaders and the loyalty of our long-standing customers testify to the quality and long-term reliability of our product range. In the last ten years alone, CONTACT has successfully executed more than 900 industrial projects in its target industries: automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, high-tech and public infrastructure.

CONTACT is a pioneer in the industry and has been setting defining standards since the very start of digital product data management, for example with the first graphical user interface and its current Workspaces technology. With more than 170 employees and a network of partners, we are able to support companies and their systems across the globe. Our customers profit from our expertise, focus and our unique CONTACT Elements technology, which serves as a platform for the innovation and development process.

The CONTACT Elements platform and its application components are the perfect match for the special requirements placed on collaborative product development and the digital transformation. Our product portfolio is based on a range of mutually complementary standard solutions:

CIM DATABASE: Mastering the product lifecycle
Project Office: More successful projects thanks to reliable processes and agile team Workspaces: The easy way to manage, share and publish engineering design data
Elements for IoT: Create IoT solutions with true added value

Enterprises and users benefit from faster time-to-value, more reliable data and processes, improved control capabilities, compliance, cost efficiency and the fast implementation of new business models.


We are looking for:

CIM DATABASE PLM supports project and construction teams as well as global development networks and large company structures.

We are looking for companies that have opted for a PLM strategy - forward-looking - and are looking for a partner who can ensure the consistency of the business processes by interacting with other company-wide IT solutions (such as ERP) through an open, service-oriented architecture.



Michael Lorenz
Account Manager
Sandgrube 29
9050 Appenzell
Phone +41 79 1361259

Visit us at www.contact-software.com.


INNEO is the leading provider of holistic solutions for product development (CAD / CAM and PDM / PLM including Industry 4.0 and IoT as well as 3D rendering), IT and project management in Switzerland, Germany and the UK. We help companies implement state-of-the-art methods and procedures to increase the efficiency of their product development and business processes.


We offer:

Know-how, consulting and technology, process consulting for the implementation of product lifecycle management and its integration into the business processes of manufacturing companies - from product data management in the interplay of mechanical and electronic development systems to the connection of ERP and control of processes for industry 4.0 and the internet of things.


We are looking for:

SMEs with challenges in the areas of digitalisation.



  Bernd Kühnle
Director Switzerland
Ruchstuckstrasse 21
8306 Brüttisellen
Phone +41 (0) 44 805 1010

Visit us on www.inneo.com.

LeanBI AG performs data analysis for Industry 4.0, thereby helping clients to implement digital services successfully based on Big and Smart Data. Simple and agile is the manner in which LeanBI creates information from their data. With headquarters in Bern, LeanBI provides consulting services to clients not only in Switzerland but also in Germany.

LeanBI helps companies with data driven process optimization, predictive maintenance, and machine learning. Together with clients, LeanBI implements those projects and provides the necessary software, IT infrastructure, and know-how. Typical clients of LeanBI are industrial companies who want to take advantage of their existing infrastructure fully and improve the quality of their products through optimized logistics, machine maintenance, and processes.



Neuengasse 21
3011 Bern
Phone +41 79 247 99 59

Visit us at http://leanbi.ch/.

Leitwert is an independent engineering company with focus on electronics and software solutions creating customer value by employing newest technologies. We are a prime address for embedded systems and data analytics, passionately designing communicating electronics, firmware and web tools. We integrate such devices into your existing IT ecosystem and processes and apply modern machine learning approaches to generate real value from the data collected by the IoT devices.

Streamlined for market pull, Leitwert offers vertical solutions for the internet of things (IoT). Serving clients from Zürich to San Francisco, our projects range from development of wearable medical devices for diagnostics and home-care over innovation projects in computer vision and AR to analytics of energy data for retail.

With our Device Management Server for Secure Firmware over the Air Updates (SFOTA) we offer a solution which addresses a number one challenge of connected Devices: Security. The combination of encrypted firmware delivery and device management capabilities not only allows you to protect your IP, keep your devices safe and up to date and ship products earlier, it also enables new business models with software built in product variability.


We offer:

R&D Services:

  • Electronics and Software Development for industry, consumer and medical devices
  • Custom firmware development
  • ConceRTOS: a modern Software Framework suitable for Safety-Critical applications inclusive Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) enabling ultra-low-power
  • Embedded Devices
  • Fast prototyping and PoC development
  • Hardwaredevelopment, miniaturisation of hardware or retrofit of existing hardware fort the modernisation of equipment or machinery
  • Development of computer vision und AR applications
  • Device Management solutions with Secure Firmware Over the Air Updates
  • Data analytics with modern Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Algorithm development and integration of algorithms into embedded devicesProduct development (if required in compliance with ISO13485 und IEC62304)




Miro Käch
Breitensteinstrasse 96
CH-8037 Zürich
Phone: 0041 44 271 15 89
Kevin Mettenberger
Business Developer
Breitensteinstrasse 96
CH-8037 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 271 15 89


Visit us at www.leitwert.ch and www.concertos.io

With our digital twin, our customers built and operate their plants smart and efficient. They increases their Plant Life Cycle, reduces their Project Execution cost and increases their Customer Loyalty.


We offer: 

  • Support in data and documentation processes and cooperation in plant engineering.
  • Digitized system documentation
  • Data collection of the products and components
  • Product data consolidation as the basis for "predictive maintenance"
  • Digital online catalogs with different variations
  • Interfaces between systems


We are looking for:

  • Partners who wish to synchronize their products with the LIBAL® system so that the machine operator can assign the product data to his machine / plant by means of "drag + drop".
  • Plant engineers who want to document their systems on the LIBAL® system so that the plant operator can quickly find all the data for the maintenance and spare parts digitally and object-oriented.
  • Plant operators who must record product data (maintenance steps / required spare parts) in order to:

    • introduce "predictive maintenance"
    • accurate planning of maintenance and spare parts consumption



  Daniel Schwarz
General Manager
Technoparkstrasse 3a
CH-8406 Winterthur
Phone 0041 52 212 25 68

Visit us at www.libal-tech.ch.






Säntisstrasse 2
CH-9500 Wil

Visit us at www.psipenta.ch

Side Effects AG is a young software company in the areas of 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Digital Twin, Motion Graphics / Motion Design and Visualizations.


We offer:

With the vStage software solution, Side Effects AG offers a new way of using 3D product data in real time. Present your products live and interactive in 3D.

We support industrial processes with 3D software solutions - e.g. in marketing, training and assembly - in order to support and promote the development of new work processes regarding industry 4.0.

Your product data becomes the digital twin of the real product. Process animations, simulations and additional functions are linked to the 3D data.



René Krebs
Hardturmstrasse 161
8005 Zürich
Phone +41 44 586 74 74

Roland Hochuli
Head of Sales & Consulting
Hardturmstrasse 161
8005 Zürich
Phone +41 44 586 75 41

 Visit us at www.sideeffects.ch

Business Consultancy

C-T-E (Consulting - Technology - Engineering) capabilities are the key to the successful management and implementation of projects.

Experience from approximately 20 years research and development in the field of OEM (automotive, transportation, special vehicle construction, sports and design industry) and supplier companies (special machine construction, peripheral equipment fibre composite) for exclusive cooperation with leading technology companies.


We offer:

Retainer/fee-based collaboration for development and procurement projects.

Development “Future Technologies” - Innovation - Functional Integration - Systematic Construction.

New technology applications in the area of fibre composite plastics for automated industrial applications. - Technology advancement.


We are looking for:

Project partners in the area of product development and application engineering from the fields of

  • Automotive, Transportation, Special vehicle construction
  • Special machine construction and plant engineering
  • Architecture, design, sports and leisure industry
  • Lightweight construction



Emil Lindenau 
Gründerstrasse 2
CH-4600 Olten
Phone +41 79 658 37 05

Product Design Zurich is an agency for integral product development. Since more than 10 years, we design and develop successfully products and have a strong performance record in the fields of mechanical engineering, equipment and laboratory technology, in three integrated areas:

  • IDENTITY product positioning, consulting, graphics, branding, package design, print conversion, web design, logo, Style Guides and Guidelines
  • DEVELOPMENT Product Design B2C, Aesthetics, Industrial Design B2B, Function, Interface, GUI, Human Machine Interface
  • REALISATION Drafting, Engineering, Construction, Material Properties, Mockup, FuMu, Prototyping, CAD, Mechanics, Production Support 


We offer:

Industrial design + graphic products

Construction + engineering



Marcel Delavy
Owner Manager + Project Leader
Breitensteinstrasse 88
CH-8037 Zürich
Phone: 0041 44 440 58 99


Visit us at www.produktdesign.ch.


Im Hauptbahnhof
CH-8401 Winterthur
Phone 0041 52 267 67 97

Visit us at www.standort-winterthur.ch.

You will increase your efficiency and delivery reliability with us as well as reduce your costs and delivery time. Together with your employees and executives, we achieve improvements in the double-digit percentage range.

You benefit from our systematic approach and many years of experience in Lean Management. All of our consultants are senior consultants and have leadership experience in successful companies.


We offer:

Process optimization in all areas of the company:

  • Lean Sales - from the first contact to the order receipt
  • Lean Development - from concept to project completion
  • Lean Supply Chain - from procurement to delivery
  • Lean Production - from the raw material to the finished product
  • Lean Administration - lean processes in all administrative areas
  • Lean Management - effective management of personnel and change processes

Coaching of executives

Interim management (management, production, logistics, development management, process management, lean management, HR)

Training of Lean experts and executives (value academy)


We are looking for:

Customers who want to improve their processes and thus sustain and even increase their competitiveness.




Robert Ulrich
Acting Partner
Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
Birchstrasse 2
CH-8472 Seuzach
Phone 0041 52 335 55 00

David Moser
Acting Partner
Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
Birchstrasse 2
CH-8472 Seuzach
Phone 0041 52 335 55 00

Visit us at www.wertfabrik.ch and folow our blog: www.wertblog.ch.

Research & Education

CSEM—technologies that make the difference

CSEM, founded in 1984, is a Swiss research and development center (public-private partnership) specializing in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, system engineering, photovoltaics and communications technologies. Around 450 highly qualified specialists from various scientific and technical disciplines work for CSEM in Neuchâtel, Zurich, Muttenz, Alpnach, and Landquart.


We offer:

Industrial solutions and tailor-made developments in the following areas:

Machine learning





We are looking for:

Complex problems and difficult tasks from industry.



Philipp Schmid
MAS MTEC ETHZ / Dipl. Ing. FH Mikrotechnik
Head Robotics & Automation
Center Alpnach
Untere Gründlistrasse 1
6055 Alpnach
Phone +41 41 672 75 62
  Dr. Alexander Steinecker
Business Development Manager
Center Alpnach
Untere Gründlistrasse 1
6055 Alpnach
Phone +41 41 672 75 21

Further information is available at www.csem.ch.


Klosterzelgstrasse 2
5210 Windisch
Phone +41 (0)56 202 75 28
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The Hightech Centre in Aargau is the starting point and the hub for innovation questions. It stands on three strong legs: innovation consulting, energy technology and nanotechnology. Qualified specialists with sound training and many years of experience in industry are associated with the high-tech centre as an advisor in the Canton of Aargau. They are the contact and discussion partners for all SMEs who are interested in the latest technology and are happy to discuss these topics.


We offer:

Ideas. Questions. Answers. The experts at the Hightech Centre are knowledgeable contact persons for technology questions, help with innovation projects, providing contacts with specialists, opening doors to universities and providing access to funding.


We are looking for:

SMEs in the Aargau with innovation questions.



Hightech Zentrum Aargau
Badenerstrasse 13
CH-5200 Brugg
Phone 0041 56 560 50 50

Visit as at www.hightechzentrum.ch.

The School of Information Technology at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences covers a wide range of  IT-related Know-How. It is also the only school in Switzerland that integrates business informatics and computer science under one roof - a model unique for Switzerland. Research and development focuses on artificial intelligence, software engineering and digital transformation with its new business models and business processes.


We offer:

Design and implementation of new digital business models, support for the development of enterprise architectures, research and development of innovative digital services, software solutions for intelligent automation and integration in Industry 4.0


We are looking for:

Industrial enterprises with exciting challenges and an interest in projects linking artificial intelligence and digital transformation.



Prof. Dr. habil. Jana Koehler
Lecturer Information Technology
Digital Business and Artificial Intelligence /Lucerne School of Information Technology
Suurstoffi 41 b
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Phone 0041 41 757 6809


Dr. Tim Weingärtner
Vice Dean
Lucerne School of Information Technology
Suurstoffi 41 b
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Phone 0041 41 757 68 20


Visit us at www.hslu.ch.

The ILT is an institute of the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland. The ILT focuses on application-oriented research and development in the interdisciplinary field of mechatronics. Thanks to our systematic approach, we support you throughout the entire innovation process from feasibility studies to pilot production.


We offer:

We support you in the development and realisation of projects in these areas:

Laboratory automation:

Automation processes in the industrial and laboratory Automation


Design and realisation of mechatronic products by integratively using actuators, sensors, image processing and control


Development, programming and simulation of complex robotic solutions

Medical Technology:

Optimization and development of devices for the application in the field of rehabilitation and medical engineering

Cyber-physical systems:

Realisation of innovative solutions for Internet of Thins and Cyber-Physical Systems


We are looking for:

Project partners for state-subsidised projects (CTI, EU)

Project partner for student thesis (Bachelor or Masters Thesis)

Project partners for projects directly financed by the industrial Partner



Prof. Dr. Agathe Koller
Head of Institute
ILT Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics
Oberseestrasse 10
8640 Rapperswil
Phone 0041 55 222 49 29



Prof. Dr. Christian Bermes
Partner of Institute
ILT Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics
Oberseestrasse 10
8640 Rapperswil
Phone 0041 55 222 47 12

Visit us at www.ilt.hsr.ch.

The MSW (Mechatronic School Winterthur) trains automations, electronics and polymechanics engineers. Unlike the other vocational trainings we offer the practical education and the vocational school under one roof.

A unique combination of theory and practice. The attendance of the Berufsmaturitätsschule (BMS) is also promoted and so the doors to the universities of applied sciences are open.


We offer:

For the automations, electronics and polymechanics technicians, we offer a high-level, efficient and optimal training, which together with the BMS allows a seamless transition to the ZHAW or another universities of applied sciences.


We are looking for:

Students who would like to have an apprenticeship in the technical professions of automation EFZ, electronic EFZ or polymechanic.



Markus Hitz
Zeughausstrasse 56
CH-8400 Winterthur
Phone 0041 52 267 55 41


Fitz Helmut
Vice Headmaster, Department Head
Zeughausstrasse 56
8400 Winterthur
Phone 0041 52 267 55 52

 Visit us at www.msw.ch.

The Institute for Mechatronic Systems EMS of NTB researches and develops various areas of knowledge around the central topics of mechatronic product development.


We offer:

As a service-oriented research facility, we offer consulting and engineering services in the field of mechatronics. With the aim of creating added value through innovation, we realise the transfer of research into the product.


We are looking for:

Industrial and research partners for projects in the fields of mechatronics, mechanics, automation, robotics, Industry 4.0



Prof. Dr. Jürgen Prenzler
Head of Institute
Institute for the Development of Mechatronic Systems EMS
Werdenbergstrasse 4
CH-9471 Buchs
Phone 0041 81 755 33 67
Prof. Dr. Josef Althaus
Professor for Mechanics and Simulation
Institute for the Development of Mechatronic Systems EMS
Werdenbergstrasse 4
CH-9471 Buchs
Phone 0041 81 755 34 80


Visit us at http://www.ntb.ch/ems.html.

As the national leading institution for applied research and development in mechatronics, the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (IMS) specialises in innovative projects at the Interface between mechanics, electronics and computer science. The concentrated know-how of over 50 employees from a wide range of disciplines as well as a modern Research infrstructure make us your flexible and efficient Partner in the Realisation of your research and development projects.



Prof. Dr. Hans Wernher van de Venn
Head of Institute
ZHAW School of Engineering
Technikumstrasse 5
8400 Winterthur
Phone +41 (0) 58 934 77 89


Visit us at www.zhaw.ch/ims.


Software development automation technology, across all industries


We offer:

Development services, coaching, cooperation, QM according to Standards (EN9100, ...)


We are looking for:

Interesting development projects in the fields of avionics, satellite systems, automative, plant engineering, ...




Heinz Grötzinger
Shareholder, Adviser
Am Weiher 13
D-88636 Meersburg


Haldenweg 4
D-88074 Meckenbeuren

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Postfach 776
5201 Brugg
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