Promoting Young Talents

For the future of the branch of mechatronics


We offer Roberta courses for our members, for example during "Open Days", "Girls' Days" or trade fairs.


What is Roberta?

The Roberta Initiative was founded ten years ago by the Fraunhofer Institute in order to promote the interest of schoolchildren in the areas of natural sciences, technology and computer science. The concept is based on the fascination created by robots to convey technical concepts with age and gender-appropriate content.

The original motivation behind Roberta is the constant shortage of skilled engineering staff in many Western European countries. Girls, in particular, often get a too rare, or too late, an insight into the world of engineering sciences. Roberta wants to counter this situation with its specially-development teaching concept.

In our Roberta workshops, pupils learners from the age of ten find out how to build and programme robots. The playful handling of technology helps them to discover their owen talents and skills and, at the same time, develop more self-confidence.

The course set-up follows the teaching methods developed, evaluated and constantly improved by the Fraunhofer Institute. Course content will of course be adjusted according to the age and knowledge of the participants.