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Founded in September 2014 as the first mechatronics cluster for the whole of Switzerland, Swiss Mechatronics was created on the initiative of numerous prominent Mechatronics companies and the ZHAW Institute for Mechatronic Systems.

Since then, Swiss Mechatronics has been growing steadily and has attracted members from companies of various sizes, expertise and research institutes in the industry.

The aim of Swiss Mechatronics is to bring together the significant players within the Swiss mechatronics industry from across all sectors, to promote the emergence of innovation and value creation. We achieve this through: Targeted networking and technology transfer.

The activities of Swiss Mechatronics are intended to benefit both the partners involved and the Swiss mechatronics location in the long term.

An overview of some of our services is set out in our flyer.



Stefan Schimon (ANTRIMON Group AG)


Vice President

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Wernher van de Venn (ZHAW Institute for Mechatronic Systems)


Members of the Board

Rainer Duebi (Burckhardt Compression AG)
Benoît Gerber (ABB Schweiz AG)
Michael Jahn (Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG)
Hans-Peter Steg (Stadler Rail AG)
Prof. Dr. Norman Urs Baier (BFH Institute for Intelligent Industrial Systems)



Lorenzo Perucchi (Burckhardt Compression AG)


Business Office

Kathrin Hopkins